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Energy healing & Coaching

Hello and a warm welcome to my page!

My name is Jessica Brauer. I am an intuitive and passionate Energy Healer and Holistic Wellbeing Coach, who specializes in working with individuals and groups who are ready to step up and make positive life changes. I believe each of us deserves to live a more harmonious, purposeful, and balanced life and I am here to support you in achieving that. 

The essence of my work is to facilitate and promote self-growth, self-awareness and healing through coaching, crystal healing, chakra balancing, Reiki, Mindfulness and connecting with nature.

In a coaching session I am helping you to explore and identify what is holding you back from living the purposeful, harmonious and balanced life you deserve. Getting and understanding of your core values and analyzing your belief system can make a huge difference on your path to self discovery. I will give you simple tools, meditations and techniques on hand to further improve your life. It is important to focus on what you want in life and take action towards your desired outcome. I can help you to clarify your goals and guide you to achieve them.   

During an energy healing and Reiki session I will connect with your energy field and chakras to intuitively detect any blockages and imbalances. Once identified I will channel light and life force energy into that part of your body or energy field. Reiki  and Crystal healings are non invasive hands on healing techniques which work on a physical, mental and spiritual level through balancing of the energy field and chakra centers. Energy healing and Reiki aim to promote and activate our body's natural ability for self healing. Since our body's can only begin to heal and recover itself in a state of deep relaxation (or sleep), energy healing modalities such as Crystal healing, Chakra balancing and Reiki can achieve this.  

In our busy life's we might easily forget to listen to our bodies, our emotions and our intuition or to simply go outside and connect with nature. Don't worry, I am here to remind you about this healing and insightful connection we all have with ourselves and nature. I believe in the deep healing ability of nature, so I promote connecting with nature through also offering sessions outside on request.

I'm a certified Energy Healer, Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator offering Crystal healings, Chakra balancing, Reiki and Holistic Wellbeing Coaching sessions. 

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About Me: About Me

About Me

I was born and raised in Germany and have spent most of my life there. In 2015 I left my home country to travel and explore Australia. In 2017 I came to New Zealand.

I have started working as a certified Coach and Energy Healer in 2021. However, my personal development journey began in 2019 when my life seemed to fall apart and I needed to make some changes. Taking responsibility for my life, my choices and my outcomes improved my life immensely. Through mindfulness, meditation, connecting with nature, Reiki, crystal healing and self-reflection I have learned to reconnect with my body, mind, soul, emotions and intuition.

Qualifications and Experiences

🍀certified Life Coach

🍀certified Crystal Healer

🍀Reiki practitioner

🍀Mindfulness facilitator

🍀Diploma Level 7 in Education

🍀over 10 years of work experience with children, youth, adults and families

About Me: About

"I am looking forward to guide and support you on your personal and spiritual self-discovery journey to create the life you long to live. Don't wait until tomorrow, let's get started today"

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