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What happens during a healing?

For either treatment you will be lying on a massage table, fully clothed while I work on your chakras, energy field (aura) and body. During the treatment I may put my hands on different parts of your body (head, legs, feet, arms, stomach). For a crystal healing I will place crystals on your chakra centers. Each crystal works with a specific chakra.
There are 7 main chakras in our body's but there are many more smaller energy centers (e.g. in our feet and hands) throughout our body.

How often are treatments/sessions recommended?

The effects of energy healing are instant. The healing energy continues to work with your body for hours, sometimes days after the treatment. I recommend to have at least 7-10 days in-between healing sessions. 
I recommend to see my clients weekly for coaching sessions for approximately 4 weeks.

How do I best prepare for a session?

If you have booked a coaching session, I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire as preparation for the session. 
If you have booked a combination of healing and coaching, I will ask you to write down what you would like to discuss.

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